Friday, July 20, 2012

I'm Back

Someone asked where I've been - they said life must be good or I'm really busy.  I answered both.  It's summer and it's hot and I'm lazy.  Well, kinda sorta lazy - lazy by my family's definition any way. 

Work has been crazy busy.  We have not signed on the new clients that caused the full time scare.  My boss has given them a proposal.  The more I learn about the client the less likely I think they are to use us.  So, I'm still working my three days a week.  Three nine hour days.  I leave the house about 530 and arrive home at 1700 hours.  It's a long day.  Then it's supper making, a few chores and crash time. 

In the past I have worked hubby's days off in the summer so the kids had someone home and awake when they were. Son is fine.  He has a working car.  I mean a manly man bronco.  And he has friends to visit, work to go to and PT with the Marine recruiter.  Youngest is not very social.  (gets it from her father but that's another story)  She spends her days in her room - napping, reading, playing on the computer.  She's writing a book.  She takes an occasional walk.  So, I try and make a point to get her out and about when I'm home.  The beach, the bike trail, the library - she loves them all.  She loves doing anything with Daddy. He takes her biking and shooting.  Monday we were all off from work and we went to the Southwick Zoo.  A girl at work had recommended it.  The place is spotless (even the bathrooms).  The Zoo is well landscaped and the animals are well cared for.  It was a fun day.

We met with the Marine recruiter July 3.  Son wanted to presign.  He thought his father wouldn't take an interest.  Hubby made the appointment.  They can't sign until after they finish their junior year.  He spent 90 minutes filling out paperwork that night.  He took a stack of paperwork home to complete.  Today he is off for an interview with the senior recruiter and Monday he goes to MEPS.  At MEPS he will have a full physical and take his ASFAB along with a few other things.  He will then be an official Poolee.  They monitor his senior year very closely including his grades.  He has to start boot camp within a year of signing so we will have a start date before most.  That means we will also have a graduation date that we can make plans to attend.  Paris Island here I come.  Son has been preparing for this his entire life.  I hope it's all he has made it out to be.

Oldest has finished boot camp.  They didn't have a graduation but went right into AIT.  She will complete that in September and I'm sending hubby to the graduation.  Some things you just do for your kids.  He hates to fly and is talking about making the drive - 21 hours (not including stops).  Hey, however you want to get there.  I'd fly.  But, I don't have to fly with my knees by my ears.  It pays to be a midget as MIL would call me.  Though I hate that.  And 5'4" is not a midget in my book.  But, I digress.

We are on week two of deliveries from the CSA.  I have fresh picked veggies in abundance.  I'm trying to get creative in how to use them all before the next delivery.  The corn on the cob I roasted on the grill.  What we didn't eat that night I cut off the cob.  I made my black bean and corn salad and served it up as quesadilla filling the first night.  I made a second batch with pinto beans and eating it as a side dish.  Tonight is roasted pork loin so I'll roast the beets alongside it.  The greens I will mix with the kale and saute.  The cukes I sliced into a salad.  The rest I might try my hand a pickling.  The HUGE head of cabbage looks like sauerkraut to me.  Then there is squash, green beans, swiss chard and more corn.  Yum!!!

Next Saturday we leave for Maine.  I can't wait.  We will be hiking and canoeing, swimming and relaxing.  Yeah!   And I will be unplugged.  Well, except for the kindle in case I need to download more books to read by the pool.  And it's an old school kindle - not a fire.  I can only read on it.   Maybe one day I'll upgrade.  Maybe not.

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