Saturday, September 3, 2011


This morning was beautiful. 

The kids slept late and I caught up on my e-mail and virus scans.

I pulled the soap making basket out and set to work.  I now have a batch of mandarin orange soap and an experimental batch of lemongrass shampoo setting up.  My last batch of soap still has more than a week before I can use it.

Son wanted to practice driving.  He needs another 24 hours before he can test for his license.  He'll have way more than that by the time he can take his test on November 1 when the 120 day wait is over.  The time frame after getting his permit.  I'm counting the days even if he isn't.  No more driving him to work and back.  Yeah!  I must admit he's a pretty good driver.  So, today I had a chauffeur for all of my errands.  We stopped at the fire house to file the minutes at the meeting. 

We stopped at Aerie Mountain to buy soap.  One bar for each bathroom.  If I must buy soap because I didn't make enough to last it will be from Roxanne.  She taught me how to make soap many years ago and has wonderful product.

And we stopped to buy the beef tenderloin that son is going to make for us on Monday.  I also treated him to a mocha coolatta. 

We then drove up West River Road and back East River Road.  The air was clear and crisp.  Though warm you can tell that fall is in the air.  Aaaah! 

I posted on FB that I made soap and I had several inquiries about soap making classes.  I've taught a few friends as barter for goods and services.  I have friends coming in a few weeks for a class.  They gave each other a gift certificate for soap making lessons.  I'd definitely give more lessons to any one interested.

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Walk in the Woods said...

This is good to know! I've already referred one person your way who expressed an interest soap-making …