Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Almost Ready

I built my house almost 15 years ago.  I moved in December 24, 1996.  It's a cape.  At the time the upstairs was completely unfinished.  We were saving money and had plans to complete that ourselves and build a garage.  Six months later I was going through a divorce and completing two masters degrees that I paid for myself.  The house would have to wait.  My room downstairs was temporary. 

When hubby and I got engaged I received sheet rock instead of the usual rock (my request).  He moved in here with the kids because the school system is much better and the house is much newer.  He completed the upstairs and I planned a wedding.

My master bedroom became the girls room.  We split it in two with a set of closets.  When our oldest son moved out oldest moved into his room.  One side of the master bedroom became an office/guest room.  Then oldest decided to move in with bio.  Youngest moved into her room after a pretty remodel.  The master bedroom was left vacant.  Vacant of occupants anyway.  I've been cleaning out, recycling and giving stuff away.  It needed a new paint jib and lighting before hubby and I could move in.

This summer was too hot and humid to paint - I left it for a fall project.  And I continued to clear out the room.  Where did all of this stuff come from?   I'm really trying to eliminate in the entire house but that is another story.

Hubby is in no real hurry to have a new room.  Change is difficult for him even if it is a good thing.

Our adopted nephew called to say he would be visiting from Utah for a week.  His brother is staying at his Dad's and could he stay with us.  Yeah!   And he could have stayed upstairs but..... this was the push I needed to give hubby.  The paint was bought along with the new light fixture.  Yesterday hubby painted while I cleaned house.  A true fall cleaning - dust, vacuum, bathrooms, washing laundry, curtains and slip covers.  Six hours later the room had two coats of paint and the house was clean. 

I headed to the store for curtains.  I found a few throw pillows and throw rugs to match.  Today the lighting should be done.  Nephew will be here the 24th.  And I'll be in my master bedroom before I can no longer climb stairs.  14 years and 9 months but hey, who's counting? 

Now the garage..... that is another story. That will wait until all the kids are gone and we've recouped some of our monetary loses.  I'm not saying they're not worth it but, kids are expensive.

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Walk in the Woods said...

Enjoy your new room!

Good things come to those who wait.
Better things come to those who Do.
Nice Doin'!