Sunday, September 4, 2011

On Swallow's Wings

Each year at the NE Women's Herbal Conference I see her, Agnes Adler.  She is a beautiful elder.  She's a tiny women.  I'd see her in class now and then or walking accross the field.  One year they asked her to speak.  She told a story of her coming from Hungary to Israel to America.  She gave a recipe for caraway soup.  She and her husband have worked hard jobs to do what they really love - create art.  She sculpts and works with other mediums as well.

Last year she had a vending booth with some of her art work.  This year she had a booth as well.  I stopped by to tell her how glad I am to see her each year.  In the past year she wrote a book about her life, On Swallow's Wings.  It is divided into three sections - autobiography, cookbook and artwork.  I bought a copy.  She was so thrilled and wrote a beautiful inscription inside. " As you go along the path of life, remember to be gentle to your fellow travelers."    Something I do need to remember.

I read her story this week.  I can hear her voice as I read.  Agnes turned 81 this year.  She survived the holocaust, prison and poverty.  She is well educated and continues to learn.  In her sixties she asked to be included on an educational trip to the Amazon jungle with Dr.James Duke.  This is where her herbal studies began. Her story is both heartbreaking and hope filled. 

I look forward to trying her recipes.  And she included the caraway soup recipe.

The book was published by Wordsmithy, LLC  I can't find it on Amazon.  It is definitely worth searching for.  Agnes I am grateful that you have touched my life.  Blessings on your journey.

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