Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day

Today was the first day of school for son and youngest.  I took their pictures much to their chagrin.  Mother's prerogative. Youngest is decked out in her new knee high black boots, skinny jeans and transformers t-shirt.  Son dressed like any other day.

So off they went and hubby and I enjoyed a breakfast date.  The kids were ready to go back.  They miss a routine.  I was ready.  By summer's end and working on hubby's days off we really need to reconnect.  My days will change from his days off to his days on. 

Last week the four of us enjoyed a nice day at Six Flags.  I was able to ride the carousel.  We ate chicken wraps for lunch so we didn't feel weighed down by grease.  Youngest was thrilled to be without the girl scouts.  She got to ride the rides she wanted and their was no whining.  Son had a great time riding all of the scary rides.

MIL has changed her labor day picnic to the following Sunday.  Her sister will be visiting then.  It is the day of the fire department picnic.  Guess where we will be?  She said to tell her son she would lay a guilt trip on him.  Message was conveyed.  He rolled his eyes and said we'll be at the fire department.  OK, you call her.

Yesterday the kids were supposed to start school.  Hurricane Irene changed that up a little.  We lost power most of Sunday.  And the cable (TV, phone and internet) were out until Tuesday afternoon.  I looked at the few little things that were supposed to be done on Monday.  Needless to say I yelled, started cleaning, discovered new issues and yelled some more.  The chores were completed and I cleaned some more before heading to the grocery store. The cool crisp air and kids returning to school bring out my cleaning bug.  That and the total disregard for the house by the rest of my family.

I've been cleaning out cabinets and shelves the past couple of weeks.  I have a few closets and my office yet to do.  And my big winter project is updating and reorganizing my materia medica.

And that is what is spinning around in my head at the moment.

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