Saturday, August 27, 2011

WHC 2011

This past weekend youngest and I headed to the New England Women's Herbal Conference.  My friend Rose joined us for the ride.  The forecast was thunderstorms the entire time.  That was not what I wanted for camping weather.  I called in the sunshine.

We left early Friday morning as the sun began to peak through.  We arrived at the camp in New Hampshire by 10 AM to a beautiful day of sunshine.  We registered, bought t-shirts and set up the tent.  We ate our picnic lunch and had time to explore before opening circle.  This was a new camp this year and it felt good to get the lay of the land before the week end kicked in.

Youngest took just as many "adult" classes as she did circle within a circle classes.  Rose loaned her a drum and she was able to take Mz Imani's class.  Latter that night and Saturday night she was able to play in the band. This was one of her highlights.  She also picked out a beautiful amethyst pendulum at the vendor booths.  Many kind souls taught her how to use it.  We had some one on one time and were able to talk.

I loved my classes as usual.  It is so inspiring to get different insights and perspectives.  I skipped one class to have a Mayan abdominal massage.  So worth it.  I really concentrated on taking better notes this year so I can go back to them later. 

We left to come home Sunday at 3:30 and the rain started a few minutes later.  Perfect.  We made really good time coming home.  And while we were away hubby and son had a manly man weekend.  It involved guns, army navy stores and Hooters.   And more importantly it involved one on one time between father and son.

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