Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yeah for Friends (and Mom)

I got my oil changed yesterday morning. While sitting reading (Tolstoy for those wondering) waiting for George to finish up and guess who walks in..... T. We were best friends in high school, dated on and off through our mid 20's and we last saw each other for lunch before we each got married - the first time - some 15 years ago. We keep in touch via e-mail, facebook and holiday cards. What a breath of fresh air.

Then I was off to visit a girlfriend. She's in nursing school and I haven't seen her since the semester began kicking her arse. After catching up we headed to the ice skating rink where she teaches. I haven't skated in a decade but was excited to go. I loved to ice skate growing up. I didn't fall and by the end I had my skate legs back on. I don't do anything fancy and certainly no jumps but, forwards, backwards and stuff. Another breath.

Mom came for dinner at night. Dad's away at the races and she's living it up. I made salmon for us and steak for the rest of the family. Dad won't let her cook salmon at home. He says it smells. And I must say it came out really freakin' good. I grilled it with a little salt and pepper and topped it with a mustard dill sauce that I winged.

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Sapphyre said...

You did awesome! I'll have you doing jumps in no time! LOL! Thanks for going with me!!!