Saturday, November 13, 2010

A day off

Thursday oldest headed out with boyfriend to hang out. I don't think they really do much. Son went hiking with girlfriend. So, I took youngest out. No sense sitting home and to heck with cleaning. The black fur tumbleweeds will be there (and larger) when I return.

We had gone to a large mall to walk around a few months back. Youngest asked to go back and look in the t-shirt shops. The kind of shops that play music really, really loud and with rather bad language. So, I suggested we try a different mall. We entered through the book store so we could end our adventure there.

She wandered in and out of shops - looking at t-shirts, video games and comic books. We ate lunch in the food court. She had her grande nachos. And they had a huge carousel (my favorite ride). It not only had horses of various sizes but lions, tigers, lions and bears (oh my). She wanted to ride a tiger. So, off we went. The attendant was on break so the line was rather long when we got on. Youngest didn't get a tiger and picked the lion. It didn't go up and down. She was rather disappointed. I offered to get her another token to ride the tiger. She was thrilled. She even got the white tiger that she wanted. I love that she is still young enough to be thrilled by the carousel and I got to go too. That was a real moment of connection. Note to self - need to have more child like fun in my life.

So, we ended at the book store. The first book she picked out was $45.00. A complete illustration of the looney tunes. Great book but not today. So, we both wandered and read and looked. I found a new book (go figure) and a couple for son for Christmas - one about a marine and one about the zombie war. Youngest settled on a Japanese style comic book. She devoured it and made a point the next day to get up early and ask if I could go back and buy the second one in the series. Uh, no. First, I'm working and second, you can put it on your wish list.

Then headed home for dinner. I made some big juicy burgers and youngest picked broccoli as a side.

What a great day.


Sapphyre said...

I'm guessing Danbury mall? Speaking of childlike fun...I think we should go tubing during my winter break. I want to get together Friday. I'm going to a concert that night with Dave, but I'd really like to relieve some stress...let's think of something FUN to do together.

Walk in the Woods said...

Sounds like you had a sweet day!