Friday, November 26, 2010


It was the best Thanksgiving I've had in a few years. I don't know how the rest of my household feels but....

Hubby was working (midnight shift) so he slept all day and I planned dinner for 5 PM. My brother dealt with the change in time (it has been 1 PM since the dawn of time) .

Hubby's family couldn't make it. I didn't really invite them (after last years fiasco). MIL assumed that we would come to her while hubby slept. I said I'd like to have dinner with my hubby when he woke up. OK, maybe we (MIL & FIL) will come for dessert. Sounds good. She called this past week end to say that dessert was out because her guests would probably stay late and that SIL was coming to her house when she was done with her in-laws. I wish I could say I was disappointed.

With fewer people (only 13) I had less prep work to do. And with dinner later in the day it was a breeze. I went to bed early Wednesday night (OK, so it was my normal early time) and woke up early Thursday. By the time the kids came down stairs I had three pies baked and the dressing prepped. All the prep work was done by 10 and I relaxed with the girls.

When asked a few weeks ago what foods the kids would like for Thanksgiving the answers were:
Oldest - butternut squash
Son - pickled garlic
Youngest - pumpkin pie

So all of that was on the menu along with turkey, sausage dressing, cornbread and wild mushroom dressing, mashed potatoes, creamed onions (not boiled - yuk), brussels sprouts, cranberry horseradish sauce, pecan pie and apple pie. My mom brought wine and turnip (I refuse to make it even though people like it) , My SIL brought sweet potatoes and green bean casserole (my brother's must have) and my Aunt brought a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

The pickled garlic is served on the tray with the green and black olives. It has become a family tradition. When I was a kid my mom made pickled green beans. They always had a clove or two of garlic on the bottom of the jar. I would always dig for the garlic. One year my mom made me a few jars of pickled garlic. Yeah!!! I used the last of my jars last year. So, I tried my hand at pickling it myself. Really, pretty easy, Son was thrilled and so was my brother. The recipe made 5 pint jars so I sent brother home with one. People think I'm strange when I mention it but, I've since learned that pickled garlic is common in Greece and other countries.

And in spite of the stress going on lately - the drama that is too painful or annoying to even blog about yet - I am very thankful.

I have an amazing husband. My kids are all healthy. Work is good. My friends are the best. I have a comfortable home and food on the table. My family though a little crazy (like I'm not - LOL) is very supportive. And my in-laws although they drive me crazy sometimes are really good people. And I got hugs and kisses from the two cutest kids who call me Auntie Kim.

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Kathy said...

That sounds a lot like my Thanksgiving. Having it later makes it easier.
I love your attitude about in-laws and other family and plans.
And I think pickled garlic sounds yummy.