Friday, November 5, 2010


I gathered with friends last night. It was good. Really good, fantastic actually. The laughter that bubbles up from this group is good for the soul. We also share our sorrows and encourage one another. Someone mentioned that they needed to remember how to have fun. That is something I can relate to.

I get so caught up in the day to day, the schedules, the housework (hubby does way more than his fair share thank all that is holy), the kids and dinner and...... I'm in my head way too much. I get that from my Daddy. When it comes to letting go and being in the moment I often feel disconnected. To busy holding back the tears.

Last week we went hiking. Hiking is good. I've missed that. And hubby seems to have caught the bug. If weather permits we will be hiking again tomorrow. Yeah! It's hard to feel disconnected in the midst of mother nature's embrace.

This afternoon I will be in my zone cooking for guests. So, a morning at the spa, an afternoon of cooking, an evening with friends and hiking with my honey tomorrow. Just what the doctor ordered.

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