Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Youngest update and more

Youngest woke up Sunday with clear eyes and feeling good. Last night she was up with an earache. I think allergies are playing havoc with her.

So, this doesn't seem to phase hubby but it kinda pisses me off. We went to nephew's Eagle Scout award ceremony. BIL and family came from VT so the whole family was there. Oldest would love to get together with her cousin and though I have offered many times she has yet been able to make it to our house. I had asked if she could come home with us after the ceremony and stay a few days. Monday she had plans to go to 6 flags amusement park so that was out.

SIL and her family planned to go with BIL and his family to the park on Monday. This is the second year in a row we were not invited. Hubby could care less about going so he doesn't mind. I probably wouldn't mind so much but when we got together Sunday all both families talked about in front of my kids were their plans for Monday. When youngest pulled this kind of behavior with her friends regarding her birthday she was grounded. I find it rude to discuss a party, trip etc. in front of people you have not invited.

It just reinforces that Thanksgiving will be just my family.

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Sapphyre said...

...and maybe extended friend family? :0)