Sunday, July 18, 2010


So, bio tells the kids that she's just waiting to hear back from a lawyer. She plans to have them for at least two weeks this August. The girls should plan not go to New Hampshire with me. That she's not coming out here but she will give her lawyer power of attorney. It's already the 18th of July and she has not made contact with a lawyer yet - does she really think they will set a court date in time?

So, when they come out that is when her and Leroy will get married. And you kids don't mind - I would never do anything to hurt you (who are you kidding) - Leroy wants to have kids with me so, I'm going to have another baby. She'll be 45 in February and she would have to have the surgery reversed. Not that it can't be done but.....

The kids didn't sound like they were planning on any of this really happening. Wonder why?


Martha said...

Cause bio is a major whack job and nutcase?? That kills credibility instantly, especially with children.

That is so cool that you have your matchbox cars too, ((HUGS))

Sapphyre said...

Some people never actually mature or learn consequences. Sad really. It's sad for her, the new husband, the old husband and most of all the children. It's also not fair that you are also in the wake of it all because you have to pick up the pieces of the children. Sad, just sad.

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