Sunday, July 25, 2010

A night with Youngest

Youngest woke up Thursday night with a headache that kept her awake. When I tucked her back in she seemed warm. She throws a lot of heat when she sleeps so I couldn't decide if she had a fever. Friday her temp was up over a 100. She slept most of the day and couldn't keep food down. I made her noodle soup for supper while the rest of us enjoyed chicken fajitas. That stayed down. I put her back to bed after dinner.

Soup for breakfast and she was ready to go. Her eyes look red and puffy though.

So after her ideas of go cart riding and bowling - both of which I find expensive and take up very little time. I suggested a movie instead. So we went to see Toy Story 3. And with just the two of us I splurged on popcorn and a soda. Both small (really small) - $9.50. WTF Now I remember why I don't buy food at the movies. Anyway, she was thrilled. Afterwards we went to Bob's shopping. She found a shirt she liked and with my coupon it was free. Now, that is in my price range. We then headed to Chili's for dinner.

After dinner she wanted to wander the book store. I could live in a bookstore. She of course wanted me to buy books. This one is only $17.00 plus tax. How about this one. I just paid for dinner and a movie and you haven't finished reading the last pile of books I bought. Then she pouts. I imitate her pouting. The more she gets, the more she wants.

You don't appreciate anything I complain. I do, I do it's just I really wanted those books. Well, I'm not paying full price for books especially when you have books at home (more like a mini library). Plus we just went to the library as well. In the car and off we go - and the books are forgotten.

A mini spa treatment when we get home, a cup of tea and she's off to bed.

And I'm worried about her red puffy eyes. She says her throat hurts as well. When I looked to see if it was red and inflamed I could see the thick white coating on her tongue. I don't remember exactly what that means but I know she's still sick.

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