Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bits of my life

Oldest and boyfriend are celebrating their two month anniversary. Son and hubby are off to paintball wars with a group of hubby's co-workers. Son is very excited - he gets to shoot cops. I said he should be careful - the police can shoot him and take out their work frustration. Youngest and I are home alone. I'm going to take her out for dinner - maybe a movie.

MIL came with my niece and nephew Thursday. We had lunch and went to the beach. The cousins had a great time.

We all chuckle over bio having more kids. I think Leroy doesn't know about the tubal ligation 12 years ago. And why would you ask your kids if they mind you having more kids when you can't? It's some sick game to her. How much do my kids love me? Little does she realize they just play lip service to her. What is she going to do from AZ?

Cousin asked MIL what she thought about the up coming wedding. MIL asked if oldest mentioned how she feels. Indifferent seemed to be the word. I'm happy she's getting married - she'll have a new last name.

Tomorrow hubby's whole family converges at his nephew's Eagle scout award ceremony. It will be nice to see everyone.

Monday my family gathers for a picnic to see my cousins who are visiting from Colorado.

Tuesday I went to New Jersey to meet with a client. The meeting went well. I hit very little traffic. Now, I have a lot of work to catch up on. It's amazing how far behind one day out of the office puts you.

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