Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Ready

This morning some beautiful Goddesses will arrive at my door.  It is my turn to host the business group I belong to.  These women inspire, support and hold me (and each other) accountable. I have some mini vegetable quiches baked for the occasion.  Once the kids leave for school I will finish the cleaning.

Next week the kids have off from school.  Hubby and I are off from work.  It is son's last family vacation before leaving this summer.  Less than three months and youngest will be an "only" child.  She's looking forward to it.  We are off for an adventure to a part of the country even I haven't been.  I think I'll have to let the family know at some point all the prep that goes into vacation.  I made all the reservations and planned out the driving routes.  I only trust the GPS so far.  I've stopped the paper and mail.  I've printed out a packing list for each member of the family.  They have come to depend on it.  It saves me a lot of stress.  I pull up the list on the computer change the quantities accordingly and print.  If someone is missing something it is their own fault.  I arranged for someone to check in on the cats, made sure they have plenty of supplies and that their nails are trimmed.  I don't want my young cat watcher to get scratched playing with the dears.  Laundry is in full on mode.  We will have no laundry facilities this trip so we are packing much more than normal.  Which made me realize the kids have plenty to pack and I am lacking.  Bills are paid and birthday cards filled out.  Those will be mailed just before leaving. 

While I'm away from work our office is being remodeled.  When I left yesterday all of my files were packed away.  I will come back to a new (and bigger) desk.  This set up for our department is a much needed and looked forward to change.  Well. for most of us.  We have one gent who is in full panic mode.  Change freaks him out.  Sad.  Because, I've come to know that change is the only thing you can really expect to happen in this life. 

Some beautiful warm days have started coming our way.  Almost all of the garden beds are raked.  The sticks are on the burn pile.  The crocuses are blooming and the daffodils are budded up. 

And that is what I am readying at the moment.

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Rosemari Roast said...

I love ya, syster-womyn.
Just sayin'!

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