Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring has sprung

Ah, snow may still cover parts of my yard but I can feel spring in my veins.  The flip of the calender says it arrived.  We had a supper of egg dishes to celebrate.  But like the daffodil bulbs that are popping through the last of the snow I feel myself bursting forth.  The energy is flowing, the creative juices surging, life is opening up.

The check arrived and I will be headed to the bank today and sending off paperwork for the business.  The fear rearing its ugly head is being looked at with love and I'm moving forward.  Business goals are being checked off.  Intentions are becoming manifest.

I finished the belly dancing intro class and loved it.  I have become a regular at Saturday's class and I am embracing the train wreck.  My body is learning to move in new ways and it feels good.  This new community of women feels good. At the same time I completed a month of unlimited classes at the yoga studio where the belly dancing is taught.  It's been a really long time since a yoga class - almost two decades.  I had missed it.  I can feel the stretches opening up my body and my heart.  I feel muscles that have been neglected and tight for too long.  I'm taking the gentle classes and easing them back to life.  It feels good.

I have started communicating regularly with oldest. 

I sent a boxful of books via amazon to grandson for Easter.  Saturday is his second birthday and I received verification that his present(s) have arrived.  Oldest son and girlfriend have limited funds so GS received a new wardrobe - pants, shorts, shirts long and short sleeved, pajamas and socks.  These are all wrapped in Cars paper.  I also found a cars backpack that has a cars sleeping bag inside. He likes cars and dinosaurs (which is the motif for a few of the shirts).  It is hard long distance but I intend to keep him in clothes and nurture a love of reading.

Hubby worked a double shift on Easter.  My parents are still South for the winter and my brother and his family were arriving home after driving straight for 18 hours so, Easter was a quiet affair.  Baskets contained books except for son who received a gas card.  He's still reading his books from Christmas and driving is much more important to him.  And it affords me a freedom I prefer.  Breakfast was a mocha chip coffee cake.  For dinner I made an orange & apricot glazed ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans almondine and deviled eggs (made with fresh grated horseradish).  For dessert a white cake with white frosting - hubby's favorite.  I let youngest decorate it.  She asked for red, green and orange and here is her creation.

The afternoon was spent reading and cross stitching.  I'm hooked on pinterest and discovered some free cross stitch patterns.  One I fell in love with.  I changed up the colors a bit and added a "the" to the beginning of the sentence to make sense to me.  I finished up last night.  I just need to frame it. 

It is full steam ahead.  Spring bursting forth in my every cell.

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Rosemari Roast said...

"Intentions are becoming manifest." Nice!

Love the cross stitch. :)

Keep bursting forth!