Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

When I was a little girl the trillium were in bloom behind our house at this time of year and I would pick a bouquet for my mom.  I was greatly disappointed a few years back to learn the trilliums had disappeared and that my mom doesn't remember this ritual.

My kids were told repeatedly by bio that you need to give birth to be a mom.  So, I am not a mother.  Little does she know - I can be a real mother (in all it's connotations).  Youngest summed it up best saying, "mother's give birth and step-mom's take care of you." 

I know this is just a day like any other but..... when so many outsiders tell you to have a happy mother's day and your kids don't it still kinda hurts.   I blame my dear hubby a tad.  I think he should have set the example when they were young - a happy step-mom card, an acknowledgement of some sort.  Though I have received a few cards here and there and I know I'm getting one today.  It helps when I make hubby buy his card for his mother,  It's the least he can do.  I buy her birthday card.

So, instead of the pity party I've invited my parents to dinner.  They are back from four months in Florida and this seemed like the perfect day.  I'm making steaks for hubby, dad, son and youngest.  Salmon for my mom and I.  Creamy Brussels sprouts, horseradish mashed potatoes and blackberry cobbler.

Hubby is home and said he would help with a few things in the garden (I need a few larger plants moved that I need help with).  The new flower bed is almost complete.  Youngest and I went to town on it while son mowed the lawn.  A few more wheel barrow's full of sod to the compost heap and some rock removal and it will be ready for compost and turning over.  Then I can plant.  I'm moving the strawberries there that are taking over the herb bed after only one season.  I'm moving the rhubarb there because it doesn't like its current home.  And then I'm sneaking out to do a little shopping come memorial day.

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