Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Count down

One more day and we will be on the road.  Woohoo!!  Vacation!!!

We took the kids to the bike trail on the 4th.  We thought the beaches would be way to crowded.  They loved it.  So much so they have been back every day since.  I missed today as they went while I was at work.  The exercise feels good though.

Tomorrow I work in the morning and pack in the afternoon.  Try to make something for supper.  I've been emptying the fridge because we will be gone so it's slim pickings.  And I don't want any leftovers.

Tonight I baked muffins for the road.  I used my friendship bread starter.  There are chocolate with peanut butter chips and butterscotch muffins. 

And in answer to the map as a back up to my GPS.  My GPS hasn't failed me yet.  It is really helpful at times but, I'm old school.  I like maps.  I like to plot out my route and look at my alternatives.  The GPS makes you stay in the very present moment with only the name of the next turn ahead.  And I'm not one to follow blindly or hell I rarely follow at all.

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