Friday, February 1, 2013

Birth & Trains

So, I've been having some startling dreams that wake me up and shake me to the core.  They are night frightening as much as jolting.  As I described one such dream at my shamanic dream circle someone commented that it reminded them of giving birth. And then it all clicked.  And the angel card I drew at the end of my belly dance class was "emerge."  Ah, yes, my dreams are talking to me. 

From my dream group I came away with a new inspiration for my book.  I've always wanted to write a cookbook of sorts.  One with stories along the way.  I was told of a website where I can self publish and create.  I have some 4400 words down so far.

And last night was my second belly dance class.  We were learning drop kicks which are not an easy task for me.  22 of us in some form of a down hip pop and a drop kick was pretty funny looking.  And the teacher says, "embrace the train wreck."  It didn't matter if you got it right or pretty all that mattered was you were doing it.  And the tricky step though definitely not pretty became fun and funny.  What a metaphor for life.

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Walk in the Woods said...

"Embrace the train wreck." Love it. :)

Annnnd … you know I'm already ready to purchase that cookbook you're working on!

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