Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I hate that the grocery store I frequent has baggers. I ran a grocery store front end for 17 years and maybe they should go back to training people how to bag. I really would rather bag my own - much more efficient and way faster. But most of all I wouldn't get this....

Dear Mr, Bagger,

I completely loaded the belt with my groceries so I could give you the carriage and my bag full of bags to put my groceries in. I have a bazillion bags. No, I do not want you to put the items you think might spill into one of your plastic bags. Put them all in one of my bags. And no, I don't mind washing one of my bags if something spills. Actually I prefer to do that than have one more bag added to the landfill. And by the way I do wash my bags (not every time) to keep them clean even if something doesn't spill.
Trying to Do my part to Save Mama Earth
P.S. Do you know how much your plastic bags cost the store? If everyone stopped using them my grocery bill might go down.


Laura Rose said...

OMG I am so with you. They always want to give you those darn plastic bags!!!!

Walk in the Woods said...

Funny reading this now, because just today I felt perplexed when I was asked, "Would you like this in a plastic bag?" I said, "No, I have plenty of bags and they're all washable."


Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

Right ON!!! I am a whiz at bagging groceries and strategically place my heavy items first to lessen the chances of smusched groceries.

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